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Benedict Cumberbatch

I swear that singing at the top of my lungs old (and embarrassing) italians songs, played a huge part in drawing this… <;



So - are they the boys’ ‘favorite breakfasts’ or simply ‘hangover breakfasts’?

According to Mrs. Hudson, the fry-up is John’s ‘favourite’. 

What may we deduce about Sherlock’s? I do agree that he does seem to have a weak spot for chips … 

Hiatus metas are the funnest metas! 





The breakfasts Mrs. Hudson cooks for the boys after the stag night.

For John: buttered toast, brown beans, fried sausages, fried egg, fried tomatoes and fried mushrooms.

For Sherlock:  chips (!), fried egg, fried hamsteak with fried pineapple.

John tries to eat his, but given that Sherlock’s knife and fork are still very neatly placed next to his plate it looks like he didn’t even make an attempt.

Mrs. Hudson is evil incarnate.


Actually, she’s being nice here. Fatty foods really do help with hangovers.

If you can keep it in your stomach. Bleh!

Sherlock seems to have a thing for chips. Wasn’t that what he was eating when Mary came to get him to rescue John in TEH?

Well he does get extra portions from that fantastic fish shop just off the Marylebone Road…

The idea that he is a completely different person - but somehow he is the same.

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Mark Gatiss - Opening number: Voodoo Lady - The League of Gentlemen (Live at Drury Lane) [x]

"Ju ju hey hey, Voodoo Lady. Don’t mean maybe, Black Magic Chile. The clock struck 13, And I was searching for that midnight woman of my darkest dreams. She looked right through me. Her spells undo me. My Voodoo Lady, sweet witchcraft maid. Voodoo Lady, Voodoo Lady, I go goo. When you do voodoo, Then she smiled, oh so sweetly, thrilled me like a Dennis Wheatley. She’s got hexes like no one has, but Baron Samedi warned me, don’t mess with that. Voodoo jazz. Voodoo Lady, Voodoo Lady, I go goo when you do voodoo. Ju ju hey hey, don’t mean maybe, Voodoo Lady and the chills you gave me, I beseech you from Satan save me. No one knows the secret of the black magic box of myVoodoo Lady, don’t mean maybe, Ju ju hey hey, Black Magic Chile."

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love is a weird thing like

you just pick a human and you’re like yes i like this one i’ll let this one ruin my life forever


Perfect use of supernatural picture.




the worst part of creating an original character is figuring out their last name

I go through cemeteries and jot down the most interesting ones.

That’s actually a really good idea thank you

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